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Avera Health Plan Goes Live in Record Time

Southborough, MA – January 21, 2016 – Avera Health Plans’ new pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), RxAdvance, today announced record-time implementation of comprehensive, innovative PBM services for the insurer’s members. The “go-live” occurred on January 1, less than two months after signing the contract.

Leveraging its proprietary platform, the fully integrated Collaborative PBM Cloud™, RxAdvance is delivering transparent overall pharmacy and avoidable drug-impacted cost savings, while streamlining specialty drug spending and supporting better clinical outcomes.

“Our experience during the implementation and, continuing now, has been very collaborative, productive and pleasant, especially compared to past PBM implementation challenges and configuration struggles with some of the large Pharmacy Benefit Managers,” said Avera Health Plans’ director of medical management, Christine Lounsbery.

“The flexibility of the RxAdvance Collaborative PBM Cloud™ platform, coupled with a strong RxAdvance implementation team, allowed us to accomplish our goals. We configured our complex benefits, formulary, and clinical rules at a very granular level. As a result, we are promoting optimal drug dispensing at the point of sale, eliminating Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) and lowering costs for both specialty and non-specialty drugs,” added Lounsbery.

“Going forward, RxAdvance provides Avera Health Plans with dynamic and fully user-configurable solutions, enabling our clinical and pharmacy staff to make on-going desired configuration changes in real-time even during pharmacy peak hours,” explained Lounsbery.

Using the Collaborative PBM Cloud™, RxAdvance delivers actionable intelligence to prescribers at the point-of-care, to pharmacists at the point-of-sale, proactive member engagement through mobile cloud and health plan clinical/pharmacy staff engagement through their workflows.

The Collaborative PBM Cloud™ also facilitates pass-through pricing, low administrative fees, complete transparency, granular benefit design, intelligent clinical rule configuration for optimal drug utilization, unlimited formulary tier design and superior member experiences.

“Avera Health Plans has fully embraced RxAdvance’s modern PBM cloud platform. Together, we are creating a new industry model of PBM-plan sponsor collaboration and partnership, which reduces overall pharmacy costs, avoidable drug-impacted medical costs and specialty drug spending,” said Ravi Ika, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of RxAdvance

RxAdvance is now nirvanaHealth.

Since 2013, the RxAdvance team has been dedicated to disrupting the healthcare industry, specifically in pharmacy benefit management. After 3 years of development, we went live with our first client in 2016 and delivered groundbreaking pharmacy benefit management services. Now that we have proven success year-after-year, we have decided to expand our impact beyond just the PBM industry—onto the payer industry. These two industries alone control the majority of the healthcare spend in the United States, including the $900+ billion of waste generated annually. With our expansion into a new portion of the industry, we have outgrown the RxAdvance name, since it does not accurately capture the scope of our healthcare reach and mission. We are excited to announce our new name and brand—nirvanaHealth. The RxAdvance name has served us well for many years and will continue to do so under nirvanaHealth.