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RxAdvance Expands Executive Management Team

Southborough, MA – October 8, 2013 — RxAdvance, an innovative pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company, has expanded its executive management team with another industry veteran, Anand Tati, who joins as executive vice president, operations and client engagement.

Anand Tati, executive vice president, operations and client engagement, is responsible for overall operations of the company including engaging prospective clients and building sustainable trusted client relationships. In addition, he will lead the onboarding of new clients and be responsible for defining the RxAdvance platform scope, developing functional module roadmaps and process blueprints, and executing and delivering complete client pharmacy benefit management solutions.

Tati brings over 20 years of experience in successful client implementation, business process re-engineering, and engagement. Prior to joining RxAdvance, Tati was a senior manager and on the partner track at Deloitte Consulting. While at Deloitte and as part of the Information Management practice, Tati provided strategic technology advisory and implementation services to commercial, federal, and state government clients such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Time Warner, and Walmart. Prior to Deloitte, Tati was a product manager at IMS Health and Millennium Pharmaceuticals, and was a senior consultant at Price water house Coopers. He began his career at Infosys as a software engineer.“The PBM industry is known for ‘business as usual’ and has been challenged to bring real value to plan sponsors (health plans, ACO’s, FFS government programs, self-funded groups) in addition to traditional transaction management. The PBM space is filled with multiple, fragmented, inflexible, and homegrown legacy systems that are expensive to operate, and hence unable to provide desired outcomes at the point of care and point of sale”, says Ravi Ika, Founder and CEO of RxAdvance. Ika adds, “Healthcare reform adds additional pressure on the plan sponsor’s PBM to demonstrate effective prescription benefit management through reduced adverse drug effects, better medication therapy management, comprehensive medication review, improved prescription adherence, reduced fraud and abuse, increased usage of generics, optimal usage of specialty medications including switching to low cost specialty drugs, and improving pharmacy related Star Ratings. Such value-added services require us to think outside the box and achieve the highest degree of sophistication within RxAdvance to deliver actionable information at the point of care and point of sale.” Ika says, “Anand brings such experience in business process re-engineering, thinking outside the box, and a game changing approach in implementation solutions.”

Tati has a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the National Institute of Technology, India, and a Masters in technology management from Penn Engineering and the Wharton School.

RxAdvance is now nirvanaHealth.

Since 2013, the RxAdvance team has been dedicated to disrupting the healthcare industry, specifically in pharmacy benefit management. After 3 years of development, we went live with our first client in 2016 and delivered groundbreaking pharmacy benefit management services. Now that we have proven success year-after-year, we have decided to expand our impact beyond just the PBM industry—onto the payer industry. These two industries alone control the majority of the healthcare spend in the United States, including the $900+ billion of waste generated annually. With our expansion into a new portion of the industry, we have outgrown the RxAdvance name, since it does not accurately capture the scope of our healthcare reach and mission. We are excited to announce our new name and brand—nirvanaHealth. The RxAdvance name has served us well for many years and will continue to do so under nirvanaHealth.